BOGO 50% off sale and rentals!

Finally Florida has decided to get back to its usual self. Warmer weather, warmer ocean temps, and waves means it is time for some new board shorts, or bikinis. Here at the Pit Surf Shop we are continuing our BOGO 50% off sale on anything you can wear (Some exclusions apply). Plus with this weather[…]

Volcom Pipe Pro Highlights

While most were focused on the super bowl this past weekend, there were a few focusing on a different major sport event. The Volcom Pipe Pro took place this past weekend. Being the first contest held after the Billabong pipe masters event, this event is one of the first events to qualify for the world[…]

JS Nitro board review by Noel Salas.

Board reviews are few and far between now a days however there is one man on youtube working to fix that. His name is Noel Salas and he reviews surfboards, surfboard fins, and loads of other surf gear. Everyone has been waiting to see a review on the new updated JS nitro and he has[…]