JS Blak Box 3 and other new JS Models!

JS Surfboards have been some of the best boards to hit the market since they first came out! Some of surfings greatest athletes have been riding them for years, names like Julian Wilson, Joel Parkinson, and Sally Fitzgibbons just to name a few! These boards have always been at the top, and with the launch[…]

2018 Bells Beach Surf Contest Is Coming Up!

The World Surf League has kicked off it’s contest season this past month starting with the event held on Australia’s Gold Coast. The Next event should be an epic one held at the famous Bell Beach in Australia, with the contest window being from March 28th- April 8th. There should defiantly be some good waves[…]

Serious surf on the way?!?!

This week is looking epic as far as east coast surfers are concerned. If you haven’t heard there has been a large Nor-Easter forming in the North Atlantic. With the forecast calling for 8-10 foot waves east coast surfers are gearing up! Be sure to check it out, even if you are not a surfer[…]

Volcom Pipe Pro Highlights

While most were focused on the super bowl this past weekend, there were a few focusing on a different major sport event. The Volcom Pipe Pro took place this past weekend. Being the first contest held after the Billabong pipe masters event, this event is one of the first events to qualify for the world[…]

JS Nitro board review by Noel Salas.

Board reviews are few and far between now a days however there is one man on youtube working to fix that. His name is Noel Salas and he reviews surfboards, surfboard fins, and loads of other surf gear. Everyone has been waiting to see a review on the new updated JS nitro and he has[…]