Andrew McIntosh

A.K.A.: Drew Man

Age: 13

Birthday: July 19th, 2002

Sponsors: Pit Surf Shop, Underground Skateboards,

Set Up:

Deck: 8.0 Underground

Wheels: 54mm Bones

Trucks: 139 Independent

Bearings: Bones Reds

Grip: Whatever

Years Skating: Since I could walk

Favorite Trick: Frontside Disasters

Trick I gotta learn: All of them

Favorite Skater: Christian Hosoi

Favorite Non-Skating Activities: Making things with Duct tape

Biggest Non-Skating Influence: Mom

Steak or Chicken: Both….at the same time

Best Video Links of Me in Action: “Workin on it”


I’m 13. I love skating, art and band.

The Bodie Says:

Andrew is Jimmy’s (from Underground) youngest son and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit”. When he’s learning a new trick, he’ll go at it with an almost OCD mentality. We’ve literally had to yell at him to get in the van because he’ll be so focused on whatever he’s working on. He also, as he mentioned, makes really cool stuff with Duct Tape.

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