Ethan Arnold

A.K.A.: Classified

Age: 18

Birthday: 12/31/1996

Sponsors: Pit Surf Shop

Set Up:

Deck: 8.5 Blank

Wheels: 54mm Bones V5

Trucks: 149 Indpendent

Bearings: Reds or whatever

Grip: MOB

Years Skating: Ask my mom

Favorite Trick: Anything fun, front 5-0 in pools

Trick I gotta learn: Christ Air

Favorite Skater: Ave, Dill, Spider Man from ProSkater2, The homies

Favorite Non-Skating Activities: eating, video games, chillin’ with the homies

Biggest Non-Skating Influence: friends and family. stuff like that….

Steak or Chicken: Both…wrapped in a tortilla w/ onions and peppers. Beans and rice on the side.

Best Video Links of Me in Action: working on it


Born and raised in St. Augustine. Been skating for most of my life. I love hanging’ w/ the homies and shredding, keepin’ the positive energy flowing. I love seeing everyone stoked and killing it in the parks, in the streets, at back yard jams. Stuff like that is what I live for. Thank you Pit Surf Shop for supporting me. You guys are part of the reason I can do what I love everyday. Can’t thank you enough. 

The Bodie Says:

What to say about Ethan…? For starters, he’s the last member of the original team line up. Also, if you look at my team bio under favorite skaters you’ll see that I made choices based on which decade it was. In my, ’90’s – Present’, I wrote, “whoever seems to have the most fun”. Ethan Arnold is that guy. Ethan doesn’t just skate to skate. Ethan is not trying to build a career or get coverage or trophies. Ethan skates for fun….pure and simple. He skates because he has to. He isn’t the most “tech” guy or the gnarliest dude dropping hammers. He’s got just enough of both to make him really fun to watch. Super creative lines combining a little old school with the new. Ethan will enter a contest with zero expectation (or care) of winning. Almost as a seemingly kind of mockery of the whole thing. As a matter of fact, on multiple occasions, I’ve had contest judges and event planners tell me that he was, “the most inspiring and fun to watch”. And that is why he is our J-Boy! (He’ll probably get a little chapped at me for the comparison but, A. I mean it, B. It’s my opinion and C. I’m team manager and he’ll just have to deal with it. haha)

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