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St. Augustine Beach, FL

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Beach Rentals

Call us @ 904-471-4700 for pricing and details
Surfboard Rentals

We carry a full range of longboards, fun-shapes, shortboards and fishes. If you’re a beginner and not quite sure what type of surfboard you need, we will be happy to recommend a size for you, and provide some tips before you go! If you’ve never surfed before, we recommend taking a private lesson.

Bike Rentals

Easy going beach cruisers perfect for touring St. Augustine Beach and the Historic Downtown. Single gear, men’s and women’s bikes, in multiple sizes, and kid’s bikes as well. Bike locks, helmets and even bike baskets are also offered with our bike rentals. Rent your bikes with us and leave the headaches at home!

SUP Rentals

Want to enjoy all of the beauty of Saint Augustine beaches but don’t think surfing is your thing? Not to worry! Our SUP’s all come with leashes and a paddle. Perfect for a calm day out on the ocean or exploring the beautiful intracoastal waterway. Private lessons for first timers available.

Chair & Umbrella Rentals

Beach? Check. Waves? Check. Blindingly bright Florida sun and hot sand? Wait a minute…Pit Surf Shop has got you covered, literally. Grab a chair and umbrella, and put your feet up while the kids go nuts. We also offer tent rentals for parties or large family gatherings down at the beach.

Body Board & Skim Board Rentals

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Ma-Ocean. We have bodyboards and skimboards for those that want to try something a little less intensive.

Wetsuit Rentals

We have a wide selection of youth, men’s, and women’s wetsuits and wetsuit toppers for those of you planning on visiting the beach during the off season.

Surf Lessons

Available 7 days a week between 10am and 5pm

All lessons are PRIVATE, meaning you won't be thrown in with a group of people that you don't know. Group lessons of 5 or more are available.
All surf lessons take place right here on St. Augustine Beach.

For more information and pricing on large group lessons,
Please call the shop @ 904-471-4700


One-on-one lesson with instructor.


  • 2 hour lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Board Included
  • Wetsuit Included

2 Person Lesson

2:1 Student - Instructor Ratio


  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included

3 Person Lesson

3:1 Student - Instructor Ratio


  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included

4 Person Lesson

Requires 2 Instructors


  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • 2 Instructors
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included

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