Summer is finally here, which means the Florida heat and smaller surf sessions are rolling in.  This time of year, your SUP’s or Logs are getting put to use.  If you’re wanting to change things up a bit and possible try different maneuvers, consider:

–  Fin placement – Adjusting your fin(s) can make a difference.  Forward fin set-up is looser and easier to turn.  Where as adjusting fins farther back will provide more stability for things like…nose riding! Check out the revolutionary FCS II Connect Longboard fin. No screws needed! This new technology allows for fast, effortless fin adjustment.

–  Try a new fin –  SurfrideBlog does a great job explaining the various fin set-up, its functionality and guides you on choosing your new fin template.

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RFC Rainbow Longboard Fin GS Nose G. Spencer Multi Black 9.5″ Stained Glass