Under an Arctic Sky now on Netflix

If you have not been surfing in the colder conditions we have been having here in Florida why not watch a film about a few guys surfing in Iceland? Cold water surfing is one of the toughest things to do but it sure is a blast to watch. Under an Arctic Sky is a film that documents just that, a few guys going on a trip to the frigid waters of Iceland in search of epic waves! This film has been put together by Chris Burkard, who is famous for being a great surf photographer and artist who’s work encompasses the outdoors, surf and many different travel subjects. Chris gathered a crew of legendary surfers including Sam Hammer from New Jersey, Timmy Reyes from California, and Justin Quintal from Jacksonville Beach Florida. The Crew set out with a few Iceland locals in search of waves in the one of the most harsh environments in the world.

This movie is epic, only about 45 minutes long it is defiantly worth checking it out, it is currently on Netflix however you can also purchase and download it from iTunes Store or directly from the Under an Arctic Sky Website. Be sure to check out the trailer linked below!