JS Blak Box 3 and other new JS Models!

JS Surfboards have been some of the best boards to hit the market since they first came out! Some of surfings greatest athletes have been riding them for years, names like Julian Wilson, Joel Parkinson, and Sally Fitzgibbons just to name a few! These boards have always been at the top, and with the launch of new models, and some new tail options they will continue to make everyone in the water happy. One of these new models is the Blak Box 3. As a follow up to the always popular Blak Box 2, the Blak Box 3 has big shoes to fill. This board has been tweaked and made into an ideal board for for those smaller weaker days, the focus of the redesign was to make a board that focused on acceleration and glide. With more foam in the nose of the board and the wide point of the board pushed forward [Compared to the Blak Box 2] this board paddles better than ever and has tons of speed, but with a more pulled in tail it stills is quite responsive off the tail. These boards are available now at the Pit Surf Shop with only a swallow tail option and poly urethane construction, however a squash tail will be available soon, as well as Hyfi construction in both tail options will be available early spring! JS will also be rolling out an all new twin fin model in the spring, as well as a swallow tail option on the always popular Monsta Box!

Be sure to come by The Pit Surf Shop in St. Augustine Florida, and check them out or also chat with us about them!