Team Rider, Kai DeLorenzo, finishes 3rd in 2015 Easterns

St. Augustine Beach, Florida’s Kai DeLorenzo (13), Pit Surf Shop Team Rider, just returned from Nag’s Head North Carolina where he surfed in the Eastern Surfing Association’s EASTERNS which was held at Jennette’s Pier September 20-26th. Kai recently turned 13 this past August and therefore moved up from the Menehune division to the largest and[…]

PIT Surf Shop and IRIDEIRECYCLE Contest

PIT Surf Shop and IRIDEIRECYCLE have officially partnered up for a year now. To show you guys how stoked we are with your participation, we’ve decided to run the BROKEN DECKS FOR A NEW COMPLETE CONTEST for a second time. IRIDEIRECYCLE is an organization that collects the broken and old skateboard decks and either recycles[…]