New in the shop…ARCADE Belts

In 2010 Olympic Valley, California Arcade hit the market creating one of a kind belts made for comfort, functionality, and built to last.   A group of athlete/outdoor enthusiasts created these belts with inspiration from their outdoor adventures from the mountains to the coasts. Arcade’s standard belt utilizes high tensile elastic and commercial grade plastic with[…]

Female Makes History at Cow Bombie

2 km offshore from Western Australia, south of Perth, is Cow Bombie.  A deep water reef break, known as one of Australia’s big wave spots,  with waves breaking up to 40ft when a monster swell hits the southern ocean.  This summer on June 26, 22 year old, Felicity Palmateer makes history as the first female to surf Cow[…]

Cozy Sanuk Sandals

What’s more creepy than the stare of this man right here? Probably his feet. That’s why he’s showing off the new Sanuk sandals that arrived in the shop.Sandals for men and women now in the Pit for keeping your feet covered in case you suffer from creepy feet, like this poor human.

Punta Galea Update

Riders had a tough time with the conditions early in the Punta Galea Challenge. This event is the first of the Big Wave World Tour for the Northern Hemisphere. Nic Lamb was able to take first place in the event beating Makuakai Rothman with a score of 29.77. Overall the big waves rankings for the[…]

Here’s pt. 2

Everyone needs a dartboard! This Independent dartboard is a perfect gift idea for that skater in your life. Comes with two sets of darts and rules. For $30 this beauty can be yours. WARNING: The darts are very sharp and this dartboard set will make you 5x cooler than your friends.

Gift Ideas pt. 1

So Christmas is only a few short weeks away. Time is running out, items are flying off the shelves at all the major retailers and you might miss out. At the Pit, we can keep your stockings stuffed from now until forever and a half. This little group of goodies is great for just about[…]

V for…Vissla

  Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, humans and extraterrestrials, we have Vissla. The visionaries behind the brand, have now arrived in our shop.  Come check out the new apparel on the Vissla rack to find something just for you. Lots of rad patterns and designs here for the picking.

Happy Feet

I made a smiley face. “Out of what?” you might ask. Well I’ll let you in on a little something, it was made out of the very same Sanuk flip flops we have in the store! Isn’t that crazy?! I think so, cause heck, it was my idea. Great stocking stuffers that will encourage you[…]