Bodie Walker (Team Manager)

A.K.A.: Brodie, Sticker Guy, Flaco, The Bodie

Age: 41

Birthday: February 18, 1974

Sponsors: Pit Surf Shop, Underground Skateboards, “Bro Flow” from a bunch of cool dudes

Set Up:

Deck: 8.5 Underground

Wheels: 56mm Bones

Trucks: 149 Independent

Bearings: Super Reds

Grip: Whatever “Bro Flow” I get or “shop-off-the-roll”

Years Skating: Not sure, but definitely longer than my ability would suggest.

Favorite Trick: I don’t know if slamming is my favorite but its my best.

Trick I gotta learn: Switch Slam (just started learning this and it’s surprisingly easy)

Favorite Skater: Early 70’s – J Boy; Late 70’s – Duane Peters, Early 80’s – Guerrero/Gonz/Cab, Late 80’s – Ray Barbee/Frankie Hill, 90’s to Present – Whoever seems to have the most fun.

Favorite Non-Skating Activities: Surf, Art, Movies, Food, Dogs

Biggest Non-Skating Influence: Shaq!

Steak or Chicken: MOOOOOO

Best Video Links of Me in Action: Nope *unless you count Pit Instamercials


I really enjoy stuff that specifically pertains to things. I like mis-quoting famous and/or historical dead people. Long walks on the beach which leave a wake of sand castles in ruins. Going bald is pretty awesome. I’m also really into teaching dogs how to read and use silverware. I run the skate team and I’m the least talented guy on it.