Kai Delorenzo

Alias: Kaiborg, Cobra- Kai


Birthday: 8/7/02

Sponsors: Pit Surfshop, Lopez Boards, Billabong, Nicaragua Surf Report, Spy Optics

Go-To Board: I have a few. My Magic Comp Board is a 5’7.5” x18.1/8”x 2.25” “ Team Model”, and Two 5’8.5”x18.25”x2.25” “Butter” and “ Cream” Model(s) for perfect overhead waves. More travel, hurricane, OBX trips. My small mushy wave board 5’5”x18.75”x2.3/8” “ Enabler”. Really helps your overall surfing here in Florida.

Years Surfing: 5

Steak or Chicken: Steak

Best Surf Trip you’ve taken: Everyone is good. Nicaragua

Surf Trip you want to take in the future: Australia

Favorite Surfer: Eric Geiselman, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson

Favorite Non-Surfing Activities: Skateboarding, Fishing, Diving, Soccer, and American Football

Biggest Non-Surfing Influence: Neymar, he is a professional soccer player

What do you like most about surfing? Getting barreled and airs. Mostly barrels

Links to videos or shots of you surfing: I have an Instagram – @kaidelorenzo