Steven McKaig


Age: 18

Birthday: August 10, 1997

Sponsors: Pit Surf Shop, Sector 9 Skateboards, Spy Optics, Bones Wheels (flow), Stance Socks, Flomotion Clothing, Brimskins

Set Up:

Deck: 8.0 Sector 9

Wheels: 56mm Bones

Trucks: 149 Inependent

Bearings: Bones Reds

Grip: Grizzly

Years Skating: 14

Favorite Trick: Tuck Knee

Trick I gotta learn: Frontside Invert (he’s learned this since filling this out)

Favorite Skater: Chris Russel

Favorite Non-Skating Activities: surf and fish

Biggest Non-Skating Influence: Family

Steak or Chicken: Both

Best Video Links of Me in Action: Instagram @stevenmckaig


My name is Steven McKaig. I’m 18 years young and I like to skateboard.

The Bodie Says:

This kid’s skating has been blowing my mind since the first time I met him. Always ripping. Always charging. Always laughing. He’s just a fun person to skate with.