Will Harvey

A.K.A.:  Squirtle

Age: 13

Birthday: July 28, 2002

Sponsors: Pit Surf Shop, Underground Skateboards, Flomotion Clothing

Set Up:

Deck: 8.0 Underground

Wheels: 54mm Bones

Trucks: 139 Independent

Bearings: Bones Reds

Grip: Thrasher (MOB)

Years Skating: 5

Favorite Trick: Tre Flip

Trick I gotta learn: Hard Flip

Favorite Skater: Aaron “Jaws” Hamoki

Favorite Non-Skating Activities: Surfing & Baseball

Biggest Non-Skating Influence: Older brother, Robert

Steak or Chicken: Chicken

Best Video Links of Me in Action: Far Out


I skate pretty much everyday. I like playing sports. I like tacos. My favorite place to be is Camp Woodward. I like music and art, tre flips, homers and cutbacks….that’s about it.

The Bodie Says:

Man, what can I say about Squirtle? In on word, it would be a tie between “beast” and “insane”. This skid is a Giant Slayer. Whether its skating off a motel roof or jumping off the pier into 3ft of water, this kid goes BIG! In fact, too big sometimes (the motel incident got him grounded and the pier incident got his foot broken). He’s always full of energy and always ready to charge.