July 11, 2017

Surf Lessons in St Augustine

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The Pit Surf Shop instructors have given thousands of surfing lessons allowing families to not only enjoy their first surfing experience but to also take with them the knowledge to continue pursuing his or her surfing goals . Some pupils are very comfortable and confident in the ocean while some may be more cautious but everyone will enjoy learning to surf.

During the students first surf lesson the student will never be out of their element, all facets of surfing will be clearly explained in simple steps. Students will have the chance to push themselves out in the water but only once the student feels comfortable.
After arriving at the beach, your lesson will be broken down into sections. You will be able to relax as we walk you through everything and simply enjoy the process of learning.

What you’ll learn in a Beginner Surf Lesson:

  • How to choose the proper surfboard for a beginner
  • How to paddle a surfboard
  • How to chose the best waves
  • How to enter and exit the surf zone
  • How to stand up on a surfboard
  • How to drop-in and ride a wave
  • How to utilize proper surfing etiquette
  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Surfboard design and functions
  • How the waves form and break

We will first teach you how to be self sufficient in the water as well as becoming comfortable with choosing and catching waves. You will then learn to stand while riding the wave which will translate to the student becoming more comfortable to the point that they can move their weight around on the board quicker and with more power. This allows you to maneuver the board better. Standing up is not the end goal. There is a lot more fun to be had than that!

Private surf lessons are available 7 days a week between 10am and 5pm. All lessons are private, meaning you won’t be thrown into a group of people you don’t know. Highly recommended for young children, or individuals seeking a more one on one experience with the instructors complete and undivided attention. Group lessons of 5 or more are available. All surf lessons take place right off A Street here on beautiful St. Augustine Beach. Please call the shop @ 904-471-4700 for pricing on large group lessons or for any additional information. All private surf lessons are 2 hours and are taught by CPR certified instructors. A board, leash, and wetsuit, if necessary, are provided with the cost of the lesson. All that is required of the student is to show up and have fun!

Surfing is an experience of a life time and here at The Pit Surf Shop we cherish the fact that we get to share this great experience with people from all walks of life. Feel free to contact the shop with any additional questions you may have, we look forward to hearing from you.


One-on-one instruction.
  • 2 hour lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Board Included
  • Wetsuit Included

2 Person Lesson

2:1 Student – Instructor Ratio
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included

3 Person Lesson

3:1 Student – Instructor Ratio
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included

4 Person Lesson

Requires 2 Instructors
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • 2 Instructors
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included