August 17, 2017

Surfboard Rentals St Augustine

Want to enjoy some of your vacation time surfing off of the coast of beautiful St. Augustine?
There is no better way to do so than by renting a surfboard at Pit Surf Shop! Whether you are a beginner or a hardened pro, we can get you set up. And we are also the only surf shop in St. Augustine thats located right off the beach.

Renting a surfboard on your vacation just makes sense. Let us save you the cost and hassle of traveling with a surfboard strapped to your car, lugging the surfboard from location to location. We offer all day, 24 hour rental, and even several days if you so choose for much less.

There are a wide variety of surfboard rentals here at Pit Surf Shop. You will be able to choose any one (or many!) of our sizes and styles. Our employees can offer suggestions to get you fitted for the perfect board and beginners will get a great start on one of our soft tops. With the ease of renting, everyone will be set to have a blast in just about any surf condition Florida has to offer.

Once again, Pit Surf Shop is the only shop in St. Augustine where vacationers can rent a surfboard and walk directly to the beach with no extra hassle. Convenience is an understatement when it comes to our location. Stroll on up and rent a surfboard (shirt and shoes optional). And after your surfing sesh’, you and your family and friends can enjoy a meal from one of the several food spots that are all within walking distance of the shop. And if you really want to get serious about tearing up some waves, we also offer surf lessons all day, every day with our experienced surf instructors.

Come on in and check us out on the corner of A street and A1A Beach Boulevard. We look forward to it!

Pit Surf Shop
18 A Street
St. Augustine FL 32086

Perfect day to come rent some gear!

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