The New JS Monsta 6 Performance Surfboard

THE BEST ALL-ROUND PERFORMER JUST GOT BETTER After three years of enjoying the Monsta 3, JS has managed to create an advanced update that all of the Traktor Team are incredibly happy with! JS has been working with Julian Wilson, Joel Parkinson, Owen Wright, Dusty Payne and Ace Buchan on this new design since well[…]

World’s first inland surf lagoon – Surf Snowdonia

Can you imagine fresh water barreling waves over-head high peeling up to 500 feet settled in a mountain valley? Surf Snowdonia brings you the world’s first inland surfing lagoon in North Wales, UK.  Waves can be generated every 1 minute with various heights at the push of a button.  Designed by a few engineers/surfing enthusiasts, Wavegarden has[…]

Female Makes History at Cow Bombie

2 km offshore from Western Australia, south of Perth, is Cow Bombie.  A deep water reef break, known as one of Australia’s big wave spots,  with waves breaking up to 40ft when a monster swell hits the southern ocean.  This summer on June 26, 22 year old, Felicity Palmateer makes history as the first female to surf Cow[…]